Down the Rabbit Hole: Aquanox

While playing Classic game Aquanox again, I thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to view the actual models in the game?”, this lead to the inspecting the Aquanox install folder and down a long and winding rabbit hole of curiosity involving poorly documented File format specifications, fixing broken Delphi code and rewriting the Decryption code […]

Open Computers 2 – Networking Part 1: DHCP

This is part of a short series of Open Computers 2 tutorials about setting up a basic network in your Minecraft world. Part 1 will you get setup with a bare minimum network allowing your computers to talk to each other. Its perfect if you plan on only having a few computers. Later parts will […]

KrbRelayUp Mitigations

It seems there has been some confusion in the community about what the mitigations for this exploit are.See comments in this reddit post: PSA: Enforce LDAP signing if you haven’t alreadyThis post is an effort to clear up the confusion, explain the mitigations and how to apply them properly in one spot. What is KrbRelayUp? […]